Family Show Testimonials:

“The actual stage show is fast-paced, varied, and great fun for all ages. Chip’s rapport with the audience is amazing; without a word, he captures - and holds - everyone’s interest from the moment he appears. Several children enjoyed a chance to be on stage to “help” Chip. Fifty minutes never disappeared so quickly! Nearly two weeks later, we’re still hearing from people who loved the performance.” Garden City Public Library, NY

"I couldn’t wait until tomorrow to tell you that I’ve already received three phone calls regarding your performance today. Everyone is raving about it. I got positive feedback on other performers this month, but nothing like this. So, thank you very much and whatever you did today, just keep up the good work, because everyone is raving about it.” Joanne Reeves, Cultural Arts; Town of Oyster Bay, NY

“We had people in our audience from many different countries, you crossed all language barriers. The library director, who has been at Hempstead Library for over 20 years, said your show was the best she has ever seen.” Hempstead Public Library, NY

“It was mutually agreed that your show brought to school by the PTA was the first in Nesconset history to have held the attention of all in attendance for the entire show.” Nesconset Elementary School, NY

“Your performance on Sunday far exceeded my expectations. It’s obvious that you put your heart and soul into the show. Many of our patrons have already asked when you will be returning for an encore performance.” Harborfields Public Library, Greenlawn, NY

“He has a keen sense for choosing people to improvise with who not only enhance his program, but who have an enjoyable experience as well.” Sachem Public Library, NY

“Your hilarious mime routine kept both adults and children laughing, and the pace never flagged. The children were so excited that they frequently shouted out helpful suggestions when your ingenuous, comically inept persona had difficulty doing something. This was an ideal program … and truly one that could be enjoyed, as the saying goes, by children from 6 to 60.” Syosset Public Library, NY

“Chip is extremely flexible and will work with the library staff in order to guarantee a successful program. We recently had him perform at our “Harry Potter Party” and were thrilled with his routine created especially for our Young Adults.” Deer Park Public Library, NY

“The accolades we continue to hear, ‘What a great show!’, ‘Such a caring performer!’, ‘Will you please have him again.’, let us know we presented a success. Our Thanks.” Lynbrook Public Library, NY

“Your wonderful rapport with the audience greatly added to the overall enjoyment of the program.” Levittown Public Library, NY

“Our local parents and children talked about your performance each time they visited our library for weeks afterwards.” Locust Valley Library, NY

“It was mutually agreed that your show brought to school by the PTA was the first in Nesconset history to have held the attention of all in attendance for the entire show.” Nesconset Elementary School, NY

“The most fantastic performance I have ever seen at Pine Park. The show was enjoyed by adults and children alike.” Pine Park Elementary School, Brentwood, NY

“I want to compliment you and thank you for one of the best performances I’ve seen in 27 years of teaching. It is not easy to present to a special education audience; but our kids were truly involved in what you presented.” James E. Allen Learning Center, Dix Hills, NY

“While feedback from the children and parents was extremely positive, the number of people who wanted to speak to you personally as they left clearly indicated the outstanding connection you made with the audience.” Chippewa Elementary School, Holbrook, NY

“His success with our school-wide assemblies led to my decision to have Chip return to Nokomis for our annual Teacher Appreciation luncheon. His performance, once again, was enjoyed by all. His interaction with the staff was a light hearted way to bring our school year to closure.” Nokomis Elementary School, Holbrook, NY

“The children and staff enthusiastically enjoyed your shows. Your warmth, sincerity, and personality created an atmosphere of enjoyment and interest for the children.” St. James Elementary School, NY

“Chip’s performance was outstanding and truly original.” Milton Hershey Schools, PA

“We were thrilled and amazed at the performance Mr. Chip Bryant gave to our 6th grade students on orientation day. We have used Chip on several occasions and have found him to be most entertaining.” Westwood Middle School, Morgantown, WV

“Being a teacher I often hear laughter but I don’t remember a time when I’ve heard children and adults laughing and giggling nonstop as I did the night Chip put on a show for the family program at our school.” Grantsville Elementary School, MD