Program Title: Listening With Your Eyes!

Program Description:

  • Vaudevillian in the oldest tradition, Chip Bryant’s comedic show makes the usual unusual. Chip’s performance through problem solving displays a comical sense of creativity, conflict, wonder and surprise. Chip’s show, in the likes of Charlie Chaplin and Buster Keaton, creates an audience-interactive experience that promotes student skills in problem solving, focus, body awareness, and group participation. Performances include an artful blend of mime, clowning, juggling, magic, puppetry and music.

What People Are Saying About

Listening With Your Eyes!

  • “The actual stage show is fast-paced, varied, and great fun for all ages. Chip’s rapport with the audience is amazing; without a word, he captures - and holds - everyone’s interest from the moment he appears. Several children enjoyed a chance to be on stage to “help” Chip. Fifty minutes never disappeared so quickly! Nearly two weeks later, we’re still hearing from people who loved the performance.” Garden City Public Library, NY

  • “We had people in our audience from many different countries, you crossed all language barriers. The library director, who has been at Hempstead Library for over 20 years, said your show was the best she has ever seen.” Hempstead Public Library, NY

  • “It was mutually agreed that your show brought to school by the PTA was the first in Nesconset history to have held the attention of all in attendance for the entire show.” Nesconset Elementary School, NY