Program Title: Humor In The Workplace!

Program Description:

Chip Bryant is showing workers how to turn burnout into laughter. His energetic, fun-provoking and informative humor program is designed to improve well-being by bringing more laughter, happiness and play into our lives. Chip’s workshop relieves tension and stress while providing scientific theories and research about laughter and humor. In this workshop, the role of humor in maintaining health and coping with stressful changes is explored. Laughter and humor can be a therapeutic tool to improve interpersonal communication, improve teaching techniques, enhance learning, reduce anxiety, lift moral, decrease burnout, decrease staff turnover, build team spirit, and enhance workplace interactions.

About Chip:

Chip Bryant, a graduate of West Virginia University, is a professional baccalaureate prepared Registered Nurse. Chip has worked as an RN in medical and cardiovascular intensive care, spinal cord and head injury rehabilitation and neurology. Chip also has a Bachelors of Fun Arts (BFA) from Ringling Brothers & Barnum and Bailey’s Clown College. Chip’s clowning history includes repeat performances for the United States Congress, 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics, theaters, hospitals, museums, corporations and schools around the United States.

In This Uplifting And Informative Presentation,

Chip Addresses:

  • • Why we laugh

  • • Humor principals and styles

  • • How humor serves us

  • • Signs and symptoms of stress

  • • Positive physical, emotional and psychological effects of laughter

  • • Healthful effects in preventing and treating stress, tension, burnout and disease

  • • Why a sense of humor is important in the workplace

  • • How to integrate humor at work and not disrupt business

  • • How to enhance motivation and team building to create a positive workplace

  • • How humor enhances leadership

  • • Guidelines for using humor with clients and coworkers

  • • Barriers to using humor with clients and coworkers

  • • How humor can be used to increase productivity

  • • The do’s and don’ts of using humor

  • • Ideas and techniques to create more humor and laughter in your life – be it at work, with friends, or at home

Chip Has Presented Seminars

For The Following Organizations:

  • • Stony Brook University Hospital, Stony Brook, New York

  • • Greater New York Association of Nurse Recruiters, New York

  • • American Society of Safety Engineers, Long Island, New York -

  • • Brentwood Public Schools, New York

  • • Wellness Council of West Virginia

  • • Cable Huntington Hospital, Huntington, West Virginia

  • • Saint Francis Hospital, Charleston, West Virginia

  • • Good Samaritan Health Care Centers, Belington & Thomas, West Virginia

  • • West Virginia University School of Nursing, Charleston Area Medical Center

  • • West Virginia University - Annual Wellness Conference

  • • West Virginia Therapeutic Recreation Association Conference